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Create your listing

The first step is to create a Content Recipient listing. To do so, click on “Request Content” and briefly describe your website.

Content Creators will now compete with each other to send you the most valuable proposals, which should earn you SEO-optimized content for your site.

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Increase your Domain Authority

Increase your domain authority by building a strong backlink profile. To do this, search for other listings on your niche and send them an application.

This will allow you to post your content (guest post) on their websites, earning you a backlink.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
  • What is

    It’s an online marketplace where Content Recipients and Content Creators trade SEO-optimized content for backlinks. Recipients are webmasters who demand written content for their websites, while Creators research keywords and produce that content. What they get in return is the presence of a backlink within. This is of course the Guest Post model but we want to separate ourselves from the concept, as these are often perceived as worthless articles while GiftedSEO is creating win-win scenarios that ensure valuable content and valuable links.

  • What is different between Content Recipients and Content Creators?

    Content Recipients seek content and keyword research for their sites, while Creators are willing to create that content in exchange for the presence of a backlink within, pointing to their sites.

  • What is the process to earn backlinks?

    Let’s imagine that you own a Gaming website. Start by running a search for similar sites, adjusting for the domain authority and website age that makes a good backlink for you. Pick one that catches your attention and propose some keyword and content ideas. A great way to do this is by visiting their Google competitors and suggesting topics that they haven’t covered yet. If your application is accepted, it’s time to write the content by yourself or perhaps outsource it through a freelancer site. The resulting article will of course include a backlink pointing back to your site. Job done!

  • Is this Google-friendly?

    Yes, this is White Hat SEO at its best. No money is changing hands, making these interactions completely organic. In short, we are NOT violating any of Google’s policies and putting your site at risk.

  • Is AI content allowed?

    It is allowed as long as (1) the Content Creator makes it very clear and (2) the Recipient is satisfied with it.

  • What makes us better than outreach agencies and other link building services?

    Time and money. We are saving you the whole process of outreach, which can be incredibly tedious and ineffective. You can also be confident that our listed websites are genuine and have a purpose because they don’t get paid for anything, removing any economic incentive for them to become pointless content farms.

  • How can I land the very best link opportunities?

    By researching keywords for your prospects and creating content that truly adds value to their sites.

  • How are we saving you the whole Link Outreach process?

    We are relentlessly using our resources and experience to recruit new Content Recipients into our platform so you don’t have to go find them yourself.

  • What alternative methods exist to build backlinks?

    You could publish great content and wait for people to point to you naturally, which is an extremely slow process and offers no guarantees. You could also reciprocate links with other webmasters, which Google easily detects and demotes. Buying link placements or PBN’s is another option that can be expensive and dangerous for your rankings as it violates Google’s guidelines. Other advanced techniques such as Press Releases, the Skycrapper Technique or Web 2.0’s can also be expensive and unreliant. GiftedSEO helps you get the most powerful links in the easiest, fastest, cheapest way possible while only relying on your ability to produce content that is useful to other sites.

  • Is this easy?

    Yes! Post your free listing and wait for applications, or just run a search for similar websites and send your own application, which is usually a short message.

  • Are these websites legit?

    We actively screen for and remove websites from our platform whose sole purpose is to make money selling links, which is a very common problem when buying guest posts or link placements. We do our best so that only genuine websites exist in our marketplace, resulting in powerful, permanent backlinks for you.

  • Do we provide the content?

    We are not offering this service as of yet. You are responsible for creating the content that will be delivered to the Recipients. Having said that, we provide guides and templates to make it as easy as possible for you to produce great content or alternatively hire a freelancer to do the job for you.

  • Are all topics covered?

    We welcome all topics except controversial areas such as weapons, harassment, or adult sites.

  • How long does it take to get results?

    This depends on a variety of factors, but you could send a few applications today and land an opportunity before the day is over. Then, it would be a matter of creating the content, delivering it, and waiting for the Recipient to publish it along with your backlink.

  • Are these links dofollow, or nofollow?

    They will almost always be DOFOLLOW (the kind that is good for SEO). Content Recipients are encouraged NOT to add a ’nofollow’ tag, plus they have no reason to do so.

  • Do I control the anchor text?

    Absolutely. Just let the Recipient know and as long as they are ok with it, that’s how your backlink will look like.

  • What if they take my content but don’t include my link?

    This is a very rare problem but unfortunately it can happen. In this scenario, you would report the situation to us and we would permanently remove the Recipient from our platform. As of the time of launch, GiftedSEO is free for everyone. However, when it becomes a paid service you will be granted a refund or allowed free transactions. The best way to avoid this is of course to deal with users who have received plenty of positive reviews in the past.

  • Are these not guest posts?

    Technically they are, but we don’t like to call them guest posts as these are typically perceived as low-quality, vague articles that don’t really add value to your site. In GiftedSEO, it’s super easy for you to filter the bad stuff out and get high-quality, well researched, targeted, on-demand, monetizable content that actually grows your traffic.

  • Who’s writing the content?

    Other website owners who sign up as content creators hoping to earn themselves some backlinks.


  • What if I don’t want to link out to other sites?

    While high-quality, relevant outbound links are great for SEO and can provide additional value to your visitors, GiftedSEO would be of no use to you if this is the case. Remember that you can always reject content propositions if you are not happy with the link’s destination for any reason.