Imagine someone like Bob...

When your site is listed on GiftedSEO, people like Bob will compete with each other to discover keywords and content opportunities for your site
If you approve one of his suggestions, he will start writing content for you according to your demands
Now you have an original article that you can monetize and grow your traffic with, while not having paid or done anything!
For example

You can also make specific content requests...

Target keywords

Best vacuum cleaners 2023

Growth hacks for digital nomads

Brief history of Tarot cards


SEO optimized

Content length: 2,000 words

Friendly tone; well researched


Yes, include relevant images

Let others use their brains for you and your site!

You could receive your first content proposal before the day is over


Why is Bob doing this for you?

Because he expects the presence of a backlink somewhere in the article according to our rules:
  • It will NOT occupy a prominent location within the content, so that it cannot drive your visitors away
  • The destination content will be relevant to the topic and add value
Outbound links that point to relevant content are statistically correlated to better rankings while “leaking” NO authority from your site

Outbound links are a vital part of naturally writing great content and adding depth; do not be afraid to use these.

— SEMRush


Users will compete with each other to discover keywords and produce content that YOU can monetize and grow your traffic with.

Marketplace style

Listings, user ratings, and countless customizations so you get content that benefits your particular website.
Discover content creators on the basis of niche expertise, ratings, work completed, etc.

Super flexible

You can request certain article tones (review, casual, technical...), content structures, other languages, graphics and images... Or simply wait for suggestions.

Saves you money

Massive savings from content writing services and keyword research tools.

Great content

These are NOT guest posts but high-quality, on-demand, well researched articles made to fit the tone of your site.

Just say no!

You are always entitled to reject propositions when you do not approve of the content or the backlink’s destination.

We are determined to change the SEO industry

17 years

of navigating the ups and downs of SEO history were not easy, so we created GiftedSEO out of our own demand for this type of service is the nexus for SEO-oriented webmasters to benefit from each other by connecting the 2 pillars of online success:

Content Backlinks

SEO is now easier than EVER...

Let other marketers take care of your keyword research and content creation. List your site today. It only takes a minute!


  • Is this Google-friendly?

    Yes, this is White Hat SEO at its best. No money is changing hands and you don't ever have to include any links that are not relevant and purposeful.

  • Are these not guest posts?

    Technically they are, but we don't like to call them guest posts as these are typically perceived as low-quality, vague articles that don't really add value to your site. In GiftedSEO, it's super easy for you to filter the bad stuff out and get high-quality, well researched, targeted, on-demand, monetizable content that actually grows your traffic.

  • Is it really free?

    It is literally free for you to sign up and use our marketplace to get content and keyword suggestions. Content creators, on the other hand, will be charged a monthly subscription fee to be able to reach out to content recipients like yourself.

  • Who's writing the content?

    Other website owners who sign up as content creators hoping to earn themselves some backlinks.

  • What if I don’t want to link out to other sites?

    While high-quality, relevant outbound links are great for SEO and can provide additional value to your visitors, GiftedSEO would be of no use to you if this is the case. Remember that you can always reject content propositions if you are not happy with the link's destination for any reason.

  • Are all topics covered?

    As long as it is written content, we welcome all topics except controversial areas such as weapons, harassment, or adult sites.

  • Is this easy?

    Get in, post a listing, wait for content applications, accept or reject them. That's it!

  • Is AI content allowed?

    Yes, only if the content creator is transparent about it and provides real value to your website, both in the form of content and also keyword research.

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