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Introducing GiftedSEO Marketplace “Beta”

Get in now and gain an early advantage:

How does it work?

When you list your website or blog on GiftedSEO, a whole community will compete to discover keyword and content opportunities for your site. You may also ask for specific content.
For example:
“I request a well-researched, SEO-optimized, 2,000-word article that targets these keywords: best vacuum cleaners 2022″

You can also ask for certain tones (review, casual, technical…), languages, whether it should include images or not… and countless other features.

General requests are also welcomed: “Suggest keyword / content opportunities for my site by exploring my niche competitors”.

All of this in a marketplace-themed platform where you can actively seek other members on the basis of ratings, listings completed, niche expertise, etc.


But, what do they get in return?

The presence of a link pointing back to their site somewhere in the article, according to our rules: (1) It should NOT occupy a prominent position within the article so it can’t drive your visitors away. (2) The destination content should be relevant to the topic and add value.

This way, other users will compete to provide highly-targeted content that you can grow your traffic with, or even monetize, while earning themselves a backlink.

As simple as this:

External links pointing to relevant content have been shown to be statistically correlated to higher rankings, while “leaking” NO authority from your site.

You are always entitled to reject propositions when you don’t accept the content created for you, or the backlink’s destination.

What’s the price?

Registration and full membership is FREE for early birds.